LETTER: Decimation of beautiful land

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Your letters

Regarding the planned development by Mayfield market towns, I would like to add my opposition to the absurd, poorly-planned, and outrageously inflated project proposed by Mayfield in the area between Henfield and Albourne.

It is difficult to see any truly positive aspects to the plan and most of the claims made by the company are impractical and environmentally destructive.

The project risks decimating vast swathes of ancient and beautiful land rich in wildlife when provision is already being made by the relevant councils for new housing areas in locally democratically agreed zones.

The personal fiscal gains by Mayfield directors emanating from this project may be immense. Interestingly, one of these people, the conflictingly interested Lord Taylor, claims to have an interest in sustainable rural development, rather than this monstrosity of destructive rural development, and says he believes in not-for-profit housing schemes (does he mean not for profit-making by others apart from himself!).

I cannot voice more loudly my opposition to this proposal which is an insult and an assault on this community and the principle of localism and urge your readers with similar views to donate to LAMBS to help their legal costs in fighting Mayfield.


Cherry Lane, Bolney