LETTER: Damage to long term prospects

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It was disappointing to read West Sussex County Council has voted to oppose the development of an additional runway at Gatwick Airport.

Whilst this may serve limited short term needs, it damages the longer term prospects for the South East’s economy. It also exacerbates growing problems for air travellers having to use Heathrow.

More importantly, West Sussex County Council’s decision to take this course of action raises questions surrounding their attitude to the wider needs of future generations. No consideration appears to have been given to jobs, infrastructure and the social benefits contained within thoughtful developments of this nature.

When we look more closely at the implications locally, this decision sends out some worrying signals to those considering investment in Sussex. For example; we have no idea how such a decision could be viewed regarding central Government’s investment in Sussex as a whole.

Perhaps West Sussex County Council would consider revisiting this matter at a later date and focus on the needs of future generations and potential business investment.


Birkdale Close, Durrington, Worthing