LETTER: Crossing in the wrong road?

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I must agree with Kenneth Spiers concerns (letters 30/01/14) re the state of the Broadbridge Heath bypass west of Tesco’s roundabout.

The darkness, combined with unclear markings of the road edge, are very hazardous. As one who has recently moved onto the new Great Oaks estate, I watch the developments in the area with great interest.

Perhaps I missed something when the original plans for the re routing of the BBH bypass to the south were promulgated, but I was thinking that the intention was to eventually close this further end of the existing bypass and for the area to be incorporated in the new village community facilities.

It has thus been a cause of much debate in my family as to why a lot of money must be being put into building a foot crossing - equestrian crossing, even - complete with lights on this stretch of road which is supposed to close before long.

Surely the crossing on the new stretch of bypass is where the lights should be, in order that the bridle path may safely cross.

I believe there had been some complaint from equestrians that nothing was being provided, but as there has never been such a crossing on the existing bypass up to now, isn’t it a case of shutting stable doors after the horses have presumably bolted over the road for so many years - not that I’ve ever seen any. Or have the powers that be just got the protected crossing in the wrong road. Please would someone enlighten me.


Heydon Way, Broadbridge Heath