Letter: Creating divisions

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I HAVE no problem about finding new ways to fund schools providing standards are as they should be, however I am very concerned about a group of churches funding the proposed school in Southwater.

With high numbers of houses planned for the area in and around Horsham it can be assumed that the inhabitants will include people from a variety of faiths and those of no faith. This should be respected.

I do not believe that it will be acceptable for a future governing body to say that all are welcome whatever their faith because this may not be how the families and indeed the young people will feel.

Many people, who believe in equality, do much to promote co-operation, understanding and respect between faiths.

My concern is that this proposal will create divisions, instead of cohesion. between young people in the Horsham area in the future.

It could also create the need for students to be bussed to their chosen school on faith grounds, perhaps as much as students from Southwater are now.


Shipley Road