LETTER: Courage needed for housing battle

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Your letters

I must congratulate Cllr Roger Arthur on his campaign to challenge the whole system of allocating housing numbers to areas of the country where (like Horsham) the numbers cannot be absorbed without devastating consequences to the District as we know it.

Pity the Horsham District Tory cabinet haven’t the courage along with West Sussex County Council leaders to fight the imposition of numbers the infrastructure just cannot take.

Your article: ‘Fears Planning Inspector could allow more housing in the District’ (County Times 27/03/14) is the threat being held against all of us unless HDC agrees to inflated numbers.

And who are these inspectors to impose unreasonable numbers on us? They seem to have unmitigated powers with little accountability to us the residents.

If the councillors we elect (Dawe, Croft, Vickers, Rae) haven’t the courage to fight these totally unreasonable numbers, they should move out and let others take their places under a totally different style of leadership.

Roger Baker

New Moorhead Drive, Horsham