Letter: County Times supports no political party

ONE OF the many roles of the local newspaper is to unoffically scrutinise the work and policies of the local authority, in Horsham’s case, Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council.

There have been a number of letters to these pages in the past questioning the neutrality of the West Sussex County Times and whether it has links with any particular political party.

In the interests of transparency, can you clearly state whether or not the West Sussex County Times supports any particular political party, whether the editor is a member of any particular political party and whether the newspaper has ever accepted sponsorship by senior councillors and/or their companies and/or the companies of their close relatives.


Rowlands Road, Horsham

Editor’s note: the County Times supports no political party. Its editor is not a member of any political party. We accept advertising and sponsorship from a wide range of commercial organisations but editorially we remain independent and would never allow commercial issues to influence our editorial agenda.

It is, of course, true that a newspaper will reflect the communities it serves. In the case of the Horsham district both MPs are Conservative and the district council is Conservative-controlled. This is determined by the will of the people and not by this newspaper.

However, our paper always seeks to represent a wide range of views not least those of the elected opposition and we continue to challenge the ruling Conservative group - most recently on its attempt to close Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre, plans for 4,500 additional homes in North Horsham, and substantial increases in car parking charges.