LETTER: County response is not good enough

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Your letters

Regarding ‘Concern over town centre cycling’ (County Times December 5), the WSCC response is not good enough.

Next financial year is presumably April 2014 to 2015; after the possible ice and snow dangers on the Carfax, West Street et al during two winters.

And what about the responsibilities of Horsham District Council, refer to the deputy leader councillor Helena Croft who I met during her September surgery at the museum.

Particularly, as I mentioned, the pedestrian underpass from Hurst Park to Carfax where there has been no sign at the Park end for many months.

Signage alone will not solve the situation. Signs are generally ignored and the Highways Authority signs are confusing, they do not give a clear message and can be interpreted as indicating cycling is permitted not prohibited.

A simple amendment incorporating a black diagonal band across the face of the authority sign, vide that utilised by Brighton and Hove City Council outside the entrance to the City Museum.

Most of all the problem of enforcement needs to be addressed.

Whenever I have noticed Police Community Officers in West Street it has been during school hours.

I do not wish to give the impression that students and young persons are the prime offenders (far from it) but if the Community Officers were in West Street for an hour or so after 3.30 they may notice a different picture.


Morth Gardens, Horsham