Letter: Countryside lost forever

HOW CAN we as residents of this once unique English market town stand by and see this happen (‘Shock bid for 4,500 greenfield homes’, County Times, January 5)?

Words just fail me.

How can we allow this countryside to vanish for ever? The very thing that makes Horsham and the county of West Sussex such a desirable place in which to reside is slowly and surely being eroded away in the name of progress.

Mr Walker is quoted in your article as having said ‘it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the district’. He is right but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy forever another chunk of West Sussex for short term gain.

Some 10,000 more people in a town that has parking and facilities that are inadequate now let alone when the West side of Horsham’s development (now underway) is completed.

We will become like all the suburban areas of London.

Maybe Horsham residents in the long term would find a move to the suburbs actualy more rewarding and less stressful than attempting a trip into Horsham town centre on a Saturday for a little light shopping!

Pray tell me where are all these people going to come from who so want to buy these new homes (that’s assuming they can get a mortgage of course) and live in the new market city of Horsham and where are these 4,000 jobs going to come from?

Has any one told the council, the planners and the surveyors that at the moment there is a full scale European recession in progress with no sign of it ending any time soon.

Oh and let’s see if fitting in a new hospital, station and shopping complex will soften the shock and somehow make it all OK.

Well, I am sorry, it is not OK

Before long a day in the country will be a thing of the past.

In business I have travelled all across this country and I can assure you that in many counties there are miles and miles and miles of nothing but trees and fields.

You could build towns twice the size of Horsham with minimal impact, creating new businesses and work opportunities and no one would even know they were there.

Again I quote from the article ‘There is no more we can do - ultimately the Government has to support it’.

Let’s just pray that the Goverment DOES NOT support it.

If they do we may as well pave over the whole of West Sussex and turn it into a free car park for London.


Ridgehurst Drive, Horsham