LETTER: Countryside is under threat

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Horsham residents are lucky in that they can walk out of town straight into beautiful countryside. Particularly valuable is the tongue of countryside between the Brighton Road and the Worthing Road, taking in Chesworth Farm and Denne Park.

This priceless amenity is now under threat. Under the new free-for-all planning system, there is a proposal to build 35 houses at the top of Kerves Lane where it meets Coltstaple Lane.

This would be the first step in turning a valuable piece of countryside into suburbia.

However, for residents of this development it would be suburbia with a difference. The site is well over a mile from the nearest bus-stop, shop or school. This would be suburbia plus all the inconveniences of rural life.

Residents would feel dependent on their cars for much of their daily activity. Horsham is already blighted by traffic and its commerce is restricted by the shortage and cost of parking space.

For Horsham to add to its traffic blight by allowing developments remote from public transport would simply be crazy.

There was a time when a proposal such as this would have been laughed out of court by the planning authorities - and we hope that this will be too.

However, anything now seems possible with today’s planning system. People in Horsham should be alert to the threats that now face them.

For more information see the Facebook page of the Kerves Lane Action Group (KLAG).

Or email klagcoltstaple@gmail.com with your views


Sedgwick Lane, Horsham