Letter: Council still not listening

NEW HORSHAM District Council leader, Ray Dawe, said recently that he wants a new change with HDC to become more open and accessible.

However, on Tuesday February 21, the planning application for 103 dwellings in Pulborough was approved by all councillors present, including the two Pulborough district councillors.

This despite high class objections given by three residents of Pulborough and also from the chairman of Pulborough Parish Council and the nearly 300 objections submitted to this application from all across the parish and further afield.

A new change? I don’t think so. The residents of the Horsham district are still not being listened to.

This application being permitted (from the tone at the start of the HDC meeting, it was obvious that the decision was pre-determined from the outset) has fallen nicely into the hands of HDC as it has now unlocked the very real possibility for its ‘Pulborough Expansion’ plan as set out in the Local Development Framework and 2007 Core Strategy Review.

Although this option was of course denied by a district councillor at the previous week’s Pulborough Parish Council full council meeting.

However the plans are freely accessible on the HDC Local Development Framework website and reference was made at the Strategic Planning Advisory Group meeting of HDC on January 12, 2012.

Throughout the meeting there was no reference at all to all the objections raised to the application – not only from residents and campaign groups, but from well-established and regarded community organisations such as The Pulborough Society, The Wiggonholt Society, The Campaign to Protect Rural England, Sussex Ramblers and The South Downs Society.

A new change in HDC? I don’t think so. The residents of the Horsham district are still not being listened to.

Perhaps the new change should be a name change from Horsham District Council to Horsham Development Company since the view of the cabinet and strategic planning committee in recent months seems to be to build as much as possible, anywhere possible and as quickly as possible.


Vice-chairman, The Campaign to Protect Rural Pulborough Village

Codmore Hill, Pulborough