LETTER: Council promises are worthless

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Your letters

I write to protest against the plans to develop the greenbelt of North Horsham along the A24/A264.

So much for the promise that areas of natural beauty would not be compromised.

Promises by HDC and WSCC are worthless, just as the ‘carrot’ for a new hospital was.

How can the building of thousands more houses being dumped on Horsham, be considered, when we already have problems with traffic on the A264 with no provision for the extra people who live in the properties.

What about schools and the places available at present for the pupils already requiring to be placed in them?

As I have stated previously over the years, this is legalised vandalism if it is allowed to proceed.

The countryside will be decimated - to satisfy whom?

The ratepayers certainly do not want it. Just look at the monstrosity that is being built at Faygate.

Already that is joining up to Bewbush and if this travesty of a development is passed by the planners we will all be living in Crawsham whether we want it or not.

As I have iterated in many letters to you over the years, IF WE WANTED TO LIVE IN CRAWLEY WE WOULD HAVE BOUGHT OUR HOUSES THERE!


Lambs Farm Close, Horsham