LETTER: Costs were borne by the taxpayer

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Last week we saw £40,000 of bamboo plants (yes – bamboo and not rare orchids!) carted off from West Street. It was Cllr Helena Croft who oversaw this West Street project costing some £600,000 of taxpayers’ money.

A Freedom of Information request (FoI) revealed that we paid £15 for the ribbon, which Cllr Croft cut personally . But to underline how out of touch Cllr Croft is with her electors she spent nearly £100 of taxpayers’ money on hiring a professional photographer to capture her personal moment of her cutting the £15 ribbon! After which she and her colleagues quaffed Bucks Fizz – also paid for by us.

HDC is run like a tin pot dictatorship under Cllrs Dawe and Croft and residents in May 2015 must vote them out. We cannot have another four years of this.

Elizabeth Bartnovskaya

Heath Way, Horsham

Editor’s note:

The bamboo planters were removed from West Street last month and will be incorporated into the new Dinosaur Island children’s adventure play area in Southwater Country Park.

Horsham District Council has replaced them with box balls and yew cubes.