LETTER: Contributing to pensions

A LETTER under the heading ‘Retirements are being savaged’ (December 15) from Robert Bishop contained a crassly inaccurate statement which must be challenged.

In his letter Mr Bishop states ‘while the private sector worker contributes to the public sector worker’s pension, this does not happen in reverse... It is little wonder then that the workers in the private sector feel aggrieved...’. This is, of course, blatant nonsense and the kind of statement designed to foster that ill-feeling.

Presumably, Mr Bishop is referring to the contribution private sector employees make because they are taxpayers.

During my years of service in the NHS I also paid my taxes - and on top of that I paid my contributions into the pension fund, just like everyone else whether they be employed in private or public sector.

In fact I pay tax now on my NHS pension so I’m still contributing!

Those people who are employed in the private sector have their pensions paid for by one person, and one person only – and that person is the customer of whatever goods or services their company sells.

So I must have contributed to the pensions of many private sector employees during my years of being a consumer of numerous goods and services.

The reality is that we all contribute to each other’s pensions, the difference is just in the system by which this happens.


Redford Avenue, Horsham