LETTER: Contrast between stance of MPs

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I am amazed to find myself in agreement with your correspondent L.N.Price for once (WSCT 2nd January). The chairman of the district council’s demand for respect for his office was both pompous and arrogant and his whole attitude rather typifies that of some people in positions of power. They should remember, they do NOT rule, they should be representing us.

I also agree with Mr Price’s assertion that we need affordable homes in the urban areas rather than the overpriced boxes on greenfield sites which will suck in a new commuting population thus overloading an already overloaded infrastructure.

It was also quite interesting to compare the comments of our local MPs Francis Maude and Nick Herbert in the same issue of your paper, on the subject of development.

Mr Maude states ‘We know there’s a load of housing coming our way’ while Mr Herbert states ‘I will continue to champion localism and the ability of our councils to determine housing numbers that are sustainable’.

What a contrast between the cabinet member who avoids any contentious local issue, especially development and our neighbouring MP who gets the most important local issue and is prepared to stand up for his constituents.

Who, I wonder, is more worthy of our respect?


Woodfield, Southwater