LETTER: Continuity in the planning process

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I note with interest David Moore’s comments on Southwater as an historical site for development in the Political Viewpoint of December 19.

I do not think they truly reflect the position in 2007 when the Core Strategy was placed before the Inspectorate. The inspector actually said that the lack of suitable infrastructure in Southwater made it unsuitable for development at that time.

He did comment that this might change in the future and it is upon this comment that the subsequent concentration on Southwater by both district council and developers has been based.

As a matter of fact there has been no subsequent improvement, or indeed change, in infrastructure therefore it seems unreasonable to argue that Southwater is in fact now suitable for development whereas then it was not.

He demands continuity in the planning process and that continuity cannot be selective.


For Keep Southwater Green, Marlhurst, Southwater