LETTER: Consultation on flight paths

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Your letters

I wish to complain about the consultation from NATS (who helpfully do not provide any contact email addresses) regarding possible changes to the flight path for Gatwick Airport - www.londonairspaceconsultation.co.uk

My complaint (January 20) is that I only found out about this by chance two days ago, yet the closing date is tomorrow (January 21).

None of my neighbours in our village was aware of the consultation.

Irrespective of the subject matter and questions contained in the consultation, my complaint is that such an important matter should have been communicated to all residents and businesses potentially affected by the changes to afford them proper time to consider the proposals and respond.

This has not happened and I would ask that consideration be given to terminating the consultation process forthwith and that it be re-issued but with an accompanying mailshot to every home and business in the affected areas.


Halls Drive,