LETTER: Consequences of ‘green measures’

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Your letters

Further to recent letters, including that of Mr Hopkinson, it is becoming crystal clear that the ‘green measures’ imposed on us by the EU, and therefore the coalition, are having serious consequences, both in terms of unaffordable energy bills and of carbon emissions.

While we labour under these restrictions, China and India are between them constructing several hundred coal fired power stations, with three or four coming on stream every week. This not only means that Europe’s unrealistic high mindedness is having no net effect on CO2 emissions, but also that Europe based businesses will have to continue going there for cheaper energy costs.

Either there, or increasingly to the USA where shale gas is re-revolutionising domestic industry, and, happily, reducing any dependency they had on foreign sources of energy.

Had the UK had the self confidence, dare I say cojones, to ignore European directives and concentrated on carbon capture research and developing better connections with French nuclear power sources, we would be in a far better situation. And there would be many fewer useless windmills plaguing our countryside.

As it is, we are being forced to close coal fired power stations, despite cleaner methods of burning having been developed, and despite the recent identification of huge new resources.

Not to mention the current low world price of coal.

It is all very dismissive of some to say that the EU is ‘low on people’s list of priorities’, but energy bills are definitely not so, and there is a clear and direct connection between the two.


Northlands Road, Warnham