LETTER: Cons but no pros of second runway

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Your letters

On Friday 25th October CPRE and Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign are holding a seminar on ‘Runaway Gatwick?’.

It was advertised as an opportunity to ‘critically examine the arguments for and against a new runway’.

Anxious to learn more I applied for a ticket and paid my £12 only to find afterwards that nobody was billed to put the case for a second runway.

When I queried this Brendan Sewill, chairman of GACC, told me that they hadn’t invited Gatwick Airport Ltd as they have many other opportunities to put their case.

Leaving aside the misleading advertising, and absence of any offer to refund the cost of my ticket, I have decided I am unlikely to hear a balanced debate and have withdrawn.

The future of Gatwick, whether it be with a second runway or not, is probably the most important issue facing the southern counties.

What a shame an opportunity has been lost to hear the pros as well as the cons of expansion.

Surely I cannot be the only one still with a genuinely open mind.


Old Denne Gardens, Horsham