LETTER: Congratulations to Horsham Rotary

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As one of many charities operating in the Horsham district and, as many of them are, rightly, focused on one important area, we would like to offer our thanks and congratulations to Horsham Rotary.

There are not many charities that do so much good across such a wide range of issues as Rotary.

We at the Samaritans of Horsham and Crawley were lucky to have the fundraising support of the Young Rotarians earlier this year, an impressively active bunch, as well as the wide range of opportunities the Rotary offer throughout the year.

Without their Christmas and Easter markets, Pancake races, Sparks in the Park Charity Village, not to mention Giraffes, we would find fundraising and awareness raising very much more difficult.

Their vocal and colourful presence at the Charity Market in the Carfax on Saturday was a really good example of their energy, good humour and their drive to help others.

The Rotary are a charity well worth supporting, along with ours of course, and we are tremendously grateful for all that they do.

Paul Sherar

Branch Chairman, Samaritans of Horsham and Crawley

Denne Road, Horsham