LETTER: Concerns over road conditions

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Your letters

I am very concerned that the roadway conditions of the A264 Broadbridge Heath bypass between the Tesco’s roundabout and the Billingshurst Road roundabout is going to be the cause of a fatality - if nothing is done to improve the visibility of the road markings - by someone leaving the roadway into the verge and trees at the side of the road. This single carriageway section is suddenly unlit after coming from the dual carriageway section, and is very indistinctly marked, is on a very long curved section and very difficult to see the markings or indeed the roadway itself during the evening and at night.

This roadway is also the subject of numerous builders’ lorries emerging from the Wickhurst Green housing complex, depositing mud etc, onto the carriageway, this mud being further spread across the carriageway by the large volume of traffic using this section of roadway.

Although I understand that this section of the A264 is to be de-commissioned sometime in the future, it is in my opinion a potential hazard that needs to be addressed before someone loses their life.


Shelley Drive, Broadbridge Heath