LETTER: Concerns over blocked drains

Your letters
Your letters

I have sent the following letter to Nick Herbert MP for South Downs:

Dear Mr Herbert, At a time when your Constituents are undergoing problems with flooding, blocked drainage systems and deteriorated road systems you are attempting to be champion of Indian wildlife. A worthy cause but is it really top of your ‘to do’ list?

In a local newspaper, we your Constituents, want to see local issues discussed not National/Worldwide issues. When the House debate, we can source the outcome in National newspapers.

You are not the only MP locally to avoid local issues. Horsham seems to have a similar problem. Because a Members seat is ‘safe’, don’t make the assumption it always will be. Ivory tusks or tigers will not be on my mind when I cast my vote at the soon coming General Election.

J Monaghan

White Horse Court,