Letter: Concerned over ice rink proposal for Horsham Park

Horsham Park
Horsham Park

On the face of it the proposal for an ice rink in Horsham Park sounds nothing more than innocent fun.

However there is a significant risk that if the ice rink is located here we will lose that lovely quiet, green area of the park to permanent hardstanding and event space.

The original council proposal for hardstanding was put on hold due to the huge public outcry which resulted in hundreds of objections.

The ice rink initiative is effectively a backdoor route to renew the threat to this area of the park.

Council planners have made it clear that if the ice rink succeeds they will pursue this permanent change of use to hardstanding and event space.

Ideally we need a suitable town centre site which is better for access, parking and as a support to local shops and businesses.

Surely the loss of a beautiful area of the park to event space is not the solution.

The ice rink will go ahead this year, either at Camping World or in the park. It worked really well at Camping World last year, so why not keep it there until a suitable town centre site is found?

Horsham Park is a public amenity which needs our protection to prevent this kind of creeping commercialism.

David Dunnington

Hurst Road, Horsham