LETTER: Concern over subway closure

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As I write, late afternoon January 28, the subway connecting the two halves of Wickhurst Lane in Broadbridge Heath was again flooded and fenced off.

That morning students as young as 11 were having to cross the busy A264/A281 dual carriageway at the Tesco roundabout without any assistance during the busiest time of day.

Previously there have been temporary lights put there but this time nothing. I phoned the police and the school both of whom were going to pass this on to the Highways Agency.

Personally I felt that to safeguard the children the Community Police Officer at a minimum should have been sent to help protect them as they crossed the road.

Surely the death of William Avery-Wright in 2011 should have raised the awareness of Sussex schools and police to the dangers of crossing busy roads like this unassisted.

I have used this road thousands of times and been carved up by impatient drivers using the wrong lanes, to queue jump, often at high speed.

Is the value of a child’s life really considered to be so low?


Thelton Avenue, Broadbridge Heath