LETTER: Complexity will put people off

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Your letters

Not only does Horsham District Council choose to launch its consultation period for the Proposed Strategy for housing and economic development just before a Bank Holiday and half term, once again residents have to try to navigate their way through an impossibly complex website to submit a response online.

Similar issues were raised in summer 2013 when the first consultation on the Preferred Strategy was launched. Presumably it is quite deliberate in order to put off concerned busy residents from responding to the Inspector.

So with weeks to go, your readers are encouraged to go to www.futurehorsham.info for help with the process.

And if you can’t navigate HDC’s website – you can just send an email or write a letter to the council – you must quote the Policy Number(s) to which your comments refer – www.futurehorsham.info will help you with this.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham