LETTER: Complaint logging is unacceptable

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At a Noise Seminar held by Gatwick Airport last Wednesday on Gatwick Airspace Change it was confirmed by Tom Denton, head of corporate responsibility at Gatwick, that multiple complaints in any one day from any individual would only be logged as one complaint. That is totally unacceptable and reflects extremely badly on a major, albeit, foreign corporation.

I would refer readers to the following quotation:

‘And then they started deleting the protest reviews.

‘That was my line. When they started to stamp out dissent, actually to make it disappear with virtually no excuse for doing so... that’s not neglect. That’s not an overwhelmed person or people trying to figure it out.

‘That’s an entity that has decided that they do not care, that they have moved on from the issue, do not see it as an issue, and is trying to avoid bad press. Or they are too far down the line to backtrack on what they’ve been doing and save face. They’re content with their wildly inconsistent policy enough to no longer care what effect it is having on their user base.

‘If you try to silence dissent, then something is very, very wrong.’ G.R. Reader.

If a person has experienced an assault from a neighbour three times in a day do Gatwick really believe that the police would only record it as one assault?

I am afraid Gatwick is sinking further and further into the mire of malfeasance to the point at which they will, if they have not already done so, alienate the whole of the population of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.


Warnham Court Mews, Warnham