LETTER: Common courtesy of an apology

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Your letters

I recently contacted the West Sussex County Times after being unable to leave the Forum car park in Blackhorse Way, Horsham, on a Sunday morning three two weeks ago.

In the article you published, it was mentioned that Horsham District Council had apologised for the problems caused to myself and several others also trapped. I am keen to find out exactly who they have apologised to as I have had no contact from them whatsoever.

When I emailed yourselves, I copied in both Parking Services and the chairman of the council. The only response I have received is an automated reply from Parking Services telling me they would be in contact within ten working days. We are now past this time and I have heard nothing.

Do they suppose that telling a reporter they are sorry is enough? I am the council tax payer and the one who was inconvenienced for well over an hour and it would have been nice had they been polite enough to respond.

I don’t believe I was in anyway rude in the email I sent, although there may have been some underlying sarcasm.

Although I wasn’t expecting a fanfare to arrive at my door with balloons and banners, I would have thought it was common courtesy to at least send a brief email response. Clearly I was wrong.


Englefield, Horsham