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Your letters

The piece by David Hamilton ‘Charm of the area is in danger of being ruined’ is worth reading (WSCT 26.06.14).

In your Editorial you quote from his piece, ‘Horsham has always been a delightful market town. It is one of the reasons why so many people have chosen to live here but if building goes on at the present rate it won’t be long before it becomes an annex to Crawley’.

If this American-led plan in North Horsham goes ahead the Strategic gap will be reduced by 15 per cent. If a new secondary school is located here rather than in Southwater where there is already a site and a need(the largest area in West Sussex without a secondary school) the catchment area in North Horsham will coalesce to include North Horsham and west of Crawley.

Residents in north Horsham and Roffey will no longer be in the school catchment area for Millais or Forest schools.

The Inspector will no doubt regard the reduction of the green gap – the coalescence of the two settlements – as a key issue. The Inspector will also want to know why HDC want to tear up and concrete over 800 acres of green land when there are large brownfield sites – not least Novartis – available as a viable alternative.

Jacky Little

Rushams Road, Horsham