LETTER: Comforted by care given to dying cat

Your letters
Your letters

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Davenport family, who cared for our beloved cat, Tom, after he was hit by a car at the bottom of Tylden Way last Friday evening at about 10.30/10.45pm.

Thanks also to the couple in the silver car who gave them details of Sears Croft emergency vet service. Tom died on the scene, but it comforts us to know that kind people took the time to stroke him as he breathed his last. We ourselves received support from people across Horsham and from the wonderful Cats Protection charity. Police advice to the distressed Davenports was rather less than helpful– tell people to contact Cats Protection or a local vet! Many cats are chipped, owners can be traced, and prompt action can save lives.

As for the driver of the vehicle which hit Tom and failed to stop, words fail us. We know accidents happen, and it is hard to always avoid an animal in the road, but are you really that callous to drive on regardless? Sadly Cats Protection confirms that this is a regular occurrence.

Despite Tylden Way being a residential road, with a primary school, and lots of parked cars, too many people drive along it too quickly, taking the Rusper Road junction at dangerous speeds at all times of the day and night. The police might like to come and offer the appropriate fines to those doing stupid speeds, driving without due care and attention, or parking on the brow of a hill or opposite a junction, all of which are regular features of life here.

Next time it could be a child rather than a cat!

Kath and Iain Jones

Sloughbrook Close, Horsham