LETTER: Closed meetings are unacceptable

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Your letters

‘Commercial confidentiality’ should not be allowed to be used to hide the goings on between councils and developers.

Where public money is concerned Star Chamber behaviour and closed council meetings should not be allowed. In particular ‘public meetings’ should be what they say - not an engineered travesty of ‘open’ government.

Highly paid senior council council executives and pretentiously titled ‘cabinet’ members should be made to realise that their public duty is to represent us - the electors.

If half the stories you have courageously published in the County Times are true - whether they concern gross extravagance or highly suspect methods of ethis and due diligence - Horsham District Council in particular seems to have much to answer for.

It would seem time the electorate called for a ‘Judicial Review’ of the goings on at Horsham District Council. I cannot see any other way of getting at the truth.

With the UK Government currently openly planning to make it difficult if not impossible to successfully apply for this final public protection, time is of the essence.

The next election may produce some overdue changes - but it will not solve the highly suspect ‘culture’ of some local government that a Judicial Review would definitely, I feel, expose.


Church Road, Partridge Green