Letter: Clearly shaken

YOUR correspondent, Peter Stainton, who is a former Liberal Democrat councillor, was clearly shaken by the increase in the share of the vote secured by UKIP in the recent Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham by-election (letters, March 1).

Otherwise he would not have made such a fuss about a simple typographical error in your report about the election results (County Times, February 23).

However, what he failed to point out was the fact that UKIP increased its share of the poll in the ward at this by-election by 83.75 per cent, which takes such strained statistical analysis into the realm of the ridiculous, if you see my point. Much more important was the fact that despite the critical state of affairs in the country generally and in Horsham district in particular, some 73 per cent of the electorate failed to turn out to vote.

This is astonishing in the light of the bitter arguments raging about the pig-headed ambitions of this Conservative-dominated council to turn the district into a concrete and brick wasteland, whilst it blunders from one management disaster to another.

The inference is that people simply do not care, but that is belied by the emergence of the plethora of groups which are opposed to the destructive policies of this present council.

A possible explanation may lie in the oft-quoted maxim that ‘it is not worth voting because they are all the same’. In some respects this is true, but out of all the political parties that are active within Great Britain, only UKIP is wholly opposed to the subjugation of this country by political manipulation, whereas the efforts of Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler, using other means, failed so abysmally.


The Coopers, Itchingfield