LETTER: Church links of senior politician

The County Times’ interview with the new Horsham District Council deputy leader, Helena Croft, raised some interesting points that ought to receive further scrutiny.

Mrs Croft is a senior member of the Kingdom Faith Church hierarchy – indeed their former Director of Prayer.

The Church is extremely controversial, and more akin to the radical evangelical churches the US is well-known for rather than your typical ‘tea and cake’ Church of England Church.

As mentioned in the County Times interview, the Church has confessed it is intent on ‘releasing me and women into areas of influence and authority’ so as to help ‘turn the tide of the godless society’.

At their ‘faith camps’ for children, they teach that serious ailments can be cured by faith alone, that being gay is ‘curable’ (are her Conservative HDC colleagues aware of this?) and children should not receive sex education (despite countless studies that have proved the need for such education).

Are we comfortable that someone with links to such a controversial establishment is now the second most senior politician in our district?


Rowlands Road, Horsham