LETTER: Christian Aid Week success

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£4,052.75 was raised in Cranleigh during Christian Aid Week 2013 from house-to-house collections. In addition £142 was raised at a Parish Church coffee and cakes event on May 12; and £176.75 was raised from Cranleigh schools (including £100 contributed by Cranleigh Preparatory School), making an overall total (as at June 27) of £4,371.50 (excluding any figure for tax which Christian Aid will reclaim under the Gift Aid Scheme). (2012: £5,403.34, excluding any reclaimed tax.) Many thanks to all who contributed in various ways.

A Christian Aid Committee for Cranleigh has now been in existence for some years, so as not only to increase financial support for the cause (and this Committee has organised a number of successful fund-raising events), but also to raise awareness of the desperate need of so many families in the Third World.

Hence, this Committee seeks to raise the profile of Christian Aid locally; and it also strives to dispel any misconceptions of the organisation’s role in the various countries it tries to help. Anyone interested in joining the Committee should contact Glenda Sewell (tel 01483 273037).


Christian Aid Week Organiser for Cranleigh

Killicks, Cranleigh