LETTER: Choose to stand up for humanity

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Your letters

Do you turn on the television every day to see reports of people being imprisoned, tortured or executed because their opinions, race or religion are unacceptable to someone with power?

It’s easy to feel a sickening sense of impotence in the face of such brutality, but Amnesty International gives its members and supporters ways of protesting about such human rights abuses - and the means to do something about it that really works.

If you have ever wondered what Amnesty does, you can find out on Tuesday, March 3. Come along to the Friends Meeting House, Worthing Road, where the Horsham Group of Amnesty welcomes all for an Open Evening from 8pm.

It’s a chance to see how the local group combines with three million other people worldwide to do something practical for justice, fairness, freedom and truth.

You will be able to view displays, chat informally with members, and enjoy refreshments - and parking is free in Sainsbury’s, opposite the venue.

Horsham Amnesty is composed of ordinary people who have chosen to stand up for humanity.

Non-denominational and non-political, the local group strives to raise awareness of Amnesty’s aims and work, to raise funds to help finance this effort, and to campaign on behalf of the group’s adopted prisoners.

Just a simple letter or card brings immense comfort to someone wrongfully held, and reminds their gaolers that the world is watching what the do.

Freedom of speech is particularly under attack now and we are currently campaigning in support of a journalist imprisoned in Ethiopia.

The group’s efforts really do work. Letters from Horsham have contributed to the release of prisoners of conscience around the world.

We hope County Times readers will come and see what Horsham residents do to counter extremism and support human rights.

If you can’t get to the Open Evening, Horsham Amnesty is also online at www.amnesty.org.uk/groups/horsham or on Facebook.

The group can be emailed at horsham.amnesty@btinternet.com.


Horsham Amnesty International group, Worthing Road, Horsham