LETTER: Charity is being driven quackers

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A wildlife charity is currently ‘swimming’ under the weight of 32 ducklings, three crows and an owl following a series of rescues.

Care for the Wild, based in Horsham, are looking after the ducklings, and their mothers, after three separate incidents:

Mum One and her 15 ducklings wandered into a house in East Grinstead, and wouldn’t leave.

Mum Two and her ten youngsters found themselves trapped after mum built a nest inside a walled garden in Horsham. While mum could have flown out, the ducklings couldn’t escape.

Mum Three led her brood down the main road in Redhill, putting them at risk of being run over.

Care for the Wild wildlife carer Tarnya Knight said: “It’s safe to say we’re being driven quackers by all these ducks! When mum and babies get themselves in certain situations, then there’s nothing to be done but get help and get them out. All 32 ducklings are doing fine and they’ll all be released into appropriate places when the time is right.

“Our young tawny owl was found under a tree, and was picked up as there was a danger she would get attacked while on the ground. These are tricky ones, as often the owlets venture out of their nest and end up on ground, but can actually climb up again, usually in the evening.

“So if they are not in immediate danger it’s best to leave them alone so they can get back to their mum.

“But in this case, we were delighted to look after the beautiful young lady who is doing just fine.

“As to why we’ve had a sudden run of crows coming in, I’ve no idea! As ever, we’ll keep an eye on them until they are ready to fly free.”

As a small charity, Care for the Wild advises anyone coming across injured wildlife to contact your local wildlife rescue or vet, or then contact the RSPCA.

Anyone wishing to find out more about Care for the Wild or help them rescue, protect and defend wildlife can do so by visiting www.careforthewild.com.

Chris Pitt

Campaigns & Communications Manager, Care for the Wild International, Brighton Road, Horsham