LETTER: Chaos that ensues from projects

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Your letters

As we are all aware the letters section of WSCT is currently full of extremely unhappy Horsham residents over the diabolical planning process currently being undertaken by Cllrs Dawe, Vickers, Rae, and Croft amongst others with reference to the North Horsham development.

I thought it would be useful to add a little more information about how HDC handles building works on much smaller scales.

Before Christmas a notice was put out around the area of Dutchells Copse informing residents that they were upgrading the play areas, and indeed adding extra play areas. It is now nearly the end of March and the play areas are part installed with high fencing still sealing them off for public use.

The grass areas have been churned up beyond recognition and pathways were left covered in mud and litter. In fact there are still empty cement bags stuck (thankfully) in the mud.

I have just received notification that the road between Holbrook Primary School and the roundabout at Pondtail Road is to be closed for a month while new sewage works are put in to allow the development of 11 houses behind Holbrook Primary.

While the road is closed, the traffic will be diverted through Dutchells Copse, as I presume this provides the shortest diversion available. What it doesn’t take into consideration is that Dutchells Copse is a residential area with numerous young children living in it and provides rightfully or wrongly a drop-off and pick-up point for parents of children at Holbrook.

I suspect that we will now be awash with speeding drivers and large vehicles being diverted through the area. So I hope that HDC is prepared for potential major traffic hold-ups and the risk of someone being seriously injured in a road traffic accident, something everyone should pray doesn’t happen.

The council’s Preferred Strategy is to build 2,500-plus new homes and much more north of the A264. If it takes them three months to complete a play area and one month of potential chaos to lay a sewer pipe across North Heath Lane, what on earth would their much vaunted project do to the residents of North Horsham?

Come on HDC, sort yourselves out please for the sake of everyone. You are all happy to write letters undermining residents of the area but seem pretty weak and pathetic controlling the contractors you employ.


Wordsworth Place, Horsham