LETTER: Chaos looms in work on bypass

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Your letters

Can someone please explain why the Horsham bypass needs to become a satellite National Car Park for the next 18 months.

As far as I can tell the partial, and God forbid, in the event of an incident the complete closure of the bypass, is to construct a roundabout to allow access to two housing estates that most residents did not want.

I fear that the chaos will result in the people in the know using Horsham as a rat run or the Bonfire Hill road down through Christ’s Hospital and Itchingfield to the A29 and through Broadbridge Heath to join the A24 at Farthings Interchange or even through Warnham.

I know these roads intimately, I grew up in Itchingfield and even in the 1960s before the bypass when these roads were the ‘natural’ bypass for Horsham they where far from suitable.

The decision making seems to have been somewhat blinkered and myopic.


Sycamore Avenue, Horsham