LETTER: Chance to vote for a new council

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Your letters

I was pleased to read so much common sense from Cllrs Burgess, Kitchen, Mitchell, Murphy and Torn in their recent WSCT article on North Horsham [1.1.15].

They correctly point out that since the Inspector has found Cllr Vickers’ housing plan ‘not sound’, then all strategic sites, large and small, will have to be looked at afresh and that this process will take matters beyond the May local elections. This means that it will be a newly-elected council which will make the final decision on housing numbers and where they should go.

Their excellent article also reminded me on how truly awful things have become at HDC since leader Ray Dawe and deputy leader Helena Croft took over leadership.

Just what is it about North Horsham and Liberty’s wish to build on over 800 acres of farmland in a hitherto protected area [strategic gap] that makes councillors who are the proponents of this USA led building scheme behave in the way that they do?

First Cllrs Dawe and Croft presided over a political ‘show trial’ in a doomed attempt to gag Cllr Christian Mitchell in October 2013 [reported March 2014] and by Cllr Dawe writing to Cllr Mitchell stating that he would no longer support him being chairman of the council and that he would write to his Conservative group to that effect. The end result we know.

Now we read an expose in the newspaper that HDC tried to obtain letters on a member of the public [Mr Jonathan Dancer] from the WSCT.

Mr Jonathan Dancer has indicated his wish to stand as a Conservative candidate in the same ward as Cllr Croft.

Pro-development Cllr Croft voted and spoke in favour of the North Horsham plan whilst Mr Dancer has spoken against in the press and at the public inquiry.

As has been shown over the past 18 months, anyone who speaks out against North Horsham, elected councillor or member of the public, will have the full force of the council brought to bear upon them.

There is now just a few months to go to vote Cllr Helena Croft out along with other cabal members of the cabinet, together with North Horsham councillors Rae, Baldwin and Cornell, all of whom voted their support for the North Horsham development at that crucial 30 April 2014 council meeting.


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham