LETTER: Chance to create excellent facility

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Your letters

Things have gone quiet on the western front!

Horsham Indoor Bowls Club have achieved a breathing space for three years rather than the axe. At least this gives Horsham District Council another £100k in the bank which I hope will go towards providing a suitable replacement facility.

I would like to think the council are making good use of this time to jointly come up with an acceptable replacement. All the talk so far is to corkscrew the club into a combined leisure centre. That could potentially be a most unholy alliance.

I would remind the council of the excellent letter from John Coghlan, chairman of the club, whom extolled the virtues of creating a showpiece centre for indoor bowls. What a splendid opportunity that would be.

It is essential that the council confer with the bowls club rather than impose a ‘solution’ on them.

At the moment it is the detail that is lacking. Publicly we are not being given enough detail and I fear that a ‘solution’ will be hoisted on them.

We do not want another fait accompli option like the North Horsham housing debacle where we are being asked to take it or take it.


Skylark View, Horsham