LETTER: Chance to build for the future

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Your letters

I moved to Horsham five years ago with my wife with an eye on our retirement. That moment has come and I am enjoying the town and its varied facilities.

I am aware of the threat to the leisure centre and the planning that isn’t happening. I am bewildered how any local council can sanction huge housing development bringing with it thousands of people, yet not realise that an intelligent and careful replanning and assessment of town infrasctructure and facilities needs to take place.

If it does not, then I am very concerned that Horsham could be blighted by the problems of large urban sprawls with a youth who feel uncatered for and an adult population who are made more cynical by politicians who seem not to care about the town they are meant to be serving.

This is a chance to build for the future: the council must think big if they are to preserve the Horsham that has been so attractive to people in the past.

I love the leisure centres - they provide me with fun exercise and a chance to meet new people.


Fay Road, Horsham