LETTER: Cavalier attitude over taxation

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The letter from councillor Roger Arthur (WSCT August 8) about the reaction of Billingshurst Parish Council (BPC) to the reduction in Council Tax Benefit (CTB) this year well illustrates its cavalier attitude to and contempt for the interests of its parishioners.

It was understandable that BPC would seek to recoup the lost 6p from each and every council taxpayer (based on a Band D property), but there was no justification whatsoever for increasing the parish precept by 84p in this case, a 14-fold leverage upwards.

Although the matter involves small amounts of money, there is an important point of principle at issue here and I, amongst no doubt others, will wish to hear an explanation of this extraordinary behaviour on the part of BPC.

Did it in fact simply snap at the opportunity to pull in an extra £3,000 or so from the residents of the village by way of increased council tax, or more realistically, was it that whoever made the calculation on behalf of BPC, was not sufficiently schooled in elementary mathematics to get the sums right?


High Street, Billingshurst