Letter: Caring strategy

WHILE visiting my daughter in Maidenhead, a questionnaire was delivered.

Having read it, I was extremely impressed by the questions that the borough of Windsor and Maidenhead was asking of the populace. This is obviously a local authority which cares about what people want built in their neighbourhood.

The questions are quite detailed, covering not simply housing, but all the development associated with additional housing.

Compare this with the consultation document from Horsham District council: we are asked to chose from four options, varying from 11,800-14,600 houses over the next 20 years. And we will be told where these are to be built.

The full consultation document does not mention economic issues and water supply. How about asking us where new factories should be built?

And how are these thousands of houses going to be supplied with water as we are currently in drought conditions?

These fundamental questions are being ignored.

I was intending to send this questionnaire to the head of planning at HDC, but I suspect if I was lucky I would receive an acknowledgement and the questionnaire would vanish. Some local authorities care, and are trying not to concrete over the surrounding countryside.


Lower Station Road