LETTER: Care and kindness after car accident

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Your letters

Because we hear in the media so much criticism of our public services, and the general feeling that people don’t care for one another any more, we thought it right to bring to a public forum the way the two of us were cared for on Friday December 13, a very wet and windy afternoon, when our car was written off after skidding into a tree on Forest Road between Pease Pottage and Colgate.

Because we were not going fast, our airbags did not go off, and we only suffered a few bruises.

But the first people we want to thank, the first to pass the scene, were two women, who came over to see how we were. One noticed that I had no signal on my phone, and immediately alerted the emergency services for us.

Whilst she was doing that, an ambulance returning to depot passed by, and the ambulance driver, having assured herself that we were not seriously hurt, took over directing the traffic past the scene until the police arrived.

It did not take long before the police and ambulance services, and the fire brigade were on the scene, taking charge very professionally. Both of us were once again checked over by the paramedic.

A policewoman came and talked to us very reassuringly, and did her duty of breathalysing the driver with great courtesy. By this time the Automobile Association van had arrived, and the patrol sat us in his van out of the rain, declared the car a write-off on the spot, and then proceeded kindly to deal with contacting our insurance provider.

Once this was done, and we knew what was going to happen next, the police helped us to clear the contents of the car, and saw us safely home, where family members were ready to look after us.

We want to thank all of those who helped us, for their prompt response, their thoughtfulness for our safety and well-being, and to all of them for their humanity towards us on what was an unexpected Friday 13th.


Saxon Crescent, Horsham