LETTER: Capitol should be saved at all cost

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‘Brand new Odeon multi-screen cinema opens as part of a £17 million shopping redevelopment’. A Horsham headline from the future? Actually, this is a real event, in the Wiltshire town of Trowbridge in October this year.

In fact, Trowbridge and Horsham have much in common, set in rural areas and about the same size.

So, no competition for Odeon in the area then? Well Trowbridge has the fine city of Bath just eight miles down the road, yet is very supportive of its new seven screen Odeon.

Of course, the Capitol Theatre should be saved at all cost. To its credit, Horsham DC spent a lot of money in the 1980s on preserving this wonderful example of Art Deco both outside and in, and we should move Heaven and Earth to keep a local theatre.

The two small cinema screens could be used for low-budget films, and re-issues of cinema classics.

Before we hear howls of protest from the present owners of the Capitol, let’s remember a few things: nearly all of the ticket sales goes not to the cinema but back to the distributors; and the digital projectors were supplied to the cinema by the Film Council on very favourable terms, for the purpose of making the minority interests films more available to the public.


Fairfield Court, Cowfold