LETTER: ‘Canary in a cage’

SO HANBURY Properties think they are doing Pulborough a favour by destroying our landscape? By spewing more traffic onto our already dangerous roads? By shoehorning yet another estate into a village where the infrastructure can’t cope?

Pulborough Parish Council quite rightly objected to Hanbury’s application to build a large estate to the north of the village - in doing that, they reflected the views of the people who live here. We’re all tired of being bludgeoned by developers (expert in the art of smoke and mirrors) intent on lining their pockets at the expense of our community.

No-one in Pulborough wants a new footpath when the existing one is fine or a contribution to a footbridge which will only act as a driver for yet more destructive development. There is a huge amount of empty and unsold property in Pulborough - we need to use it. Horsham District Council should also take a look at the latest report produced by CPRE (the Campaign to Protect Rural England) which highlights how many brownfield sites are left in the South East - let’s use them before we start tearing up the greenbelt.

The site which Hanbury want to develop has great environmental value, with superb views to the South Downs and Park Mount. It’s a canary in a cage - if we lose this site to development, then we’ll lose so much more. If we can’t save this, then we’ll end up with urban sprawl all the way to Billingshurst. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month but some time frighteningly soon…


Church Place, Pulborough