LETTER: Can Maude tell us what happened?

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Your letters

Your article ‘Who called time on Croft and Rae as Conservative representatives’ (19.2.15, p12) raises a very interesting question. Why did Cllrs Croft and Rae go to the ‘National Board of the Conservative Party about process and procedure regarding local government candidate selection’?

This all appears to have started when a press officer of the council was directed to put together letters that Jonathan Dancer had written to WSCT over the last few months about the flaws in Cllr Vickers’ housing plan (WSCT, 18.12.14)?

Jonathan Dancer had just announced that he would be seeking selection to stand in Roffey North, which is Cllr Croft’s ward.

Perhaps Mr Maude in the few remaining weeks he will have privileged space in your paper (but without signing the Free Speech Charter) can tell us what really happened?

He was after all a party chairman of the Conservative Party. This may be of much more interest to your readers than ‘reducing waiting times for justice’ (p67).


Heath Way, Horsham