Letter: Campaign to save centre

I WOULD like to bring to your readers’ attention an announcement made just before Christmas by the University of Sussex.

They have decided to close their Centre for Community Engagement (formerly the Centre for Continuing Education) at the end of this academic year.

Although the university is situated in Falmer, north of Brighton, it has for many years offered quality part time degree and short courses for all of the residents of Sussex and beyond.

Its archaeology programme has always been particularly strong, inspiring and training many independent researchers and local archaeological enthusiasts. Its closure would be a major blow to the county’s adult education resources.

An online petition was immediately launched upon release of the news (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/staff/newsandevents/?id=11054).

This has already attracted nearly 1,500 signatures against the plans (http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/communityengagementatsussex).

It is important for as many former or present students of CCE from Horsham district as possible who support the views of this petition to add their signatures to it straight away, or indeed, anyone who holds a passionate belief about the value of adult education and the increasing tendency for its provision to be entirely driven by profit, and therefore put at risk.

The petition is asking the university to rethink their short-sighted plan and find a more creative way to retain this cherished facility for the future. Many thanks to anyone who can support this protest.


Broomershill Cottages, Pulborough