Letter: Calling charges

I READ with interest your article on some doctors surgeries using the 0844 numbers but cannot see the so-called benefits that they claim. I can see the benefits to the surgeries as some of them might get a payback from the telephone provider for the use of these expensive numbers.

They are more expensive than the 0845 numbers and in fact on some schemes the 0845 code is included in the call package, yet I do not know of any packages that will include the 0844 numbers.

So are we being ripped off by the use of these numbers? I think so, after all the Government has announced quite good pay rises for doctors. So are they being greedy by using the 0844 number? Well far be it for me to say but I will leave that to you to decide.

I suppose one could ask the surgery for its Horsham number (01403) as I understand that they have to have this for the 0844 to work. If they refuse to give this then I can only conclude that they are ripping their patients off.

There is a very good website called www.saynoto0870.com which quite often will give an alternative number, sometimes even a freephone number.

As for their so-called assurance, well thats like watching for flying pigs.

Fortunately my own doctors’ surgery is very good and only uses the local number so no grievance there.


Copsale Road, Copsale