LETTER: Building without new facilities

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Your letters

I read with interest the story of complaints from Mr Bishop about the Barratt Homes development in Southwater (County Times September 19).

As a fellow Southwater resident I would like to say that Mr Bishop must have been very unlucky to have had his front garden churned up by lorries as all properties on that side of the Worthing Road have council verges and a footpath before they get to the hedge or fence line.

Secondly the road has been kept clean in comparison to the Hop Oast roundabout and Worthing Road down to the park and ride traffic lights.

I have regularly seen construction workers out brushing away the mud after a delivery. I would ask Mr Bishop if he voted with the Keep Southwater Green Campaign when we were offered three options for village plans.

If he did he has no-one to blame but himself as by declining the 250 homes in a controlled environment with new village facilities, he has opened the village up to these ad hoc developments. By my calculations we are currently only a 100 to 120 houses off the 250 we were asked to accept and we don’t have the benefit of the new sports facilities.


Swan Close, Southwater