LETTER: Broken system is not fit for purpose

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Your letters

Chris Mason, an Horsham district ex-councillor for Storrington (2007-2013), who was first elected alongside leader Ray Dawe in the three councillor ward asks in his letter ‘Stand back and think for a bit’ (26.2.15, p42). It did make me think.

Mr Mason admits that he is not a regular reader of WSCT. And that’s the problem with councillors and ex-councillors from the ‘Deep South’. They aren’t in touch with Horsham town and don’t ‘get it’.

How can he really make a judgement about what has been going on for the last 18 months on the council? To most readers the past 18 months at Horsham District Council is an embarrassing scandal - or in the words of one of your letters last week ‘HDC has become a laughing stock’ (26.2.15, p38).

The ‘low point’ has not been brought about by the news coverage of the WSCT; investigative journalism, Editorial comment and the standard of letters to the paper all of which are exemplary – no - the low point has been reached by the self-serving approach of a small number of councillors – most like Mr Mason from below the A272.

These councillors have thrived in a broken cabinet system that gives them far too much power and is not fit for purpose.


Owlscastle Close, Horsham