LETTER: Breath of fresh air in our lives

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Easter is often associated with springtime (bunnies and flowers) and new life (eggs hatching and butterflies emerging). In the Christian calendar the Easter season lasts for seven weeks, starting on Easter Sunday, and is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

One phrase which captures both meanings is that Easter is ‘a breath of fresh air’.

The recent poor air quality when microscopic dust from the Sahara got into our lungs was a reminder of how precious clean air is – especially to those with breathing problems. The air inside a tomb (such as the tomb of Jesus) would be equally unpleasant and unhealthy. No wonder that such foul air was sealed away by a stone covering the entrance.

On Easter Sunday morning the stone was rolled away (by divine intervention, not by human hands) allowing clean air to enter the tomb and clear away the stench of death.

When life seems stifling, we still need the newness of springtime and the help of God to bring into our lives a breath of fresh air.


Minister, London Road Methodist Church, Horsham